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North America Celebrates Bodhi Meditation Day

Compilation by Dan Huan


On August 3, 1991 Grandmaster JinBodhi lefthis solitary retreat after about 20 years ofintensive practice to begin his public dharma teaching. This date is a joyous one for Bodhi Meditation’s practitioners worldwide, as they celebrate the anniversary of Grandmaster JinBodhi’s compassionate journey of helping all sentient beings.


Grandmaster JinBodhi’s compassion has moved many who have benefited from his meditation practices. In an effort to help more people and spread the word about the power of meditation, Master declared August 3rd to be International Bodhi Meditation Day. Centers around the world participate in honoring this special occasion.

As a gesture of gratitude for the contributions that Bodhi Meditation has brought to the local people, various communities in North America committed to marking Bodhi Meditation Day in a big way.



Spreading Love Far & Wide

In beautiful Richmond, British Columbia, Vancouver Bodhi Meditation Center celebrated Bodhi Meditation Day with a grand charity event. The aim was to strengthen bonds between community members and encourage the spreading of compassion. Thousands of people gathered to celebrate Grandmaster JinBodhi’s journey of giving. The many distinguished guests included Mr. John Yap, Member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia for Richmond-Steveston, Mr. Bill McNulty, Richmond City Councilor, and Mr. Malcolm Brodie, Mayor of Richmond.

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, thanked Bodhi Meditation for its presence in the community and for bringing health and happiness to all. He also represented the federal government in wishing all in attendance a happy and memorable day.

Mr. John Horgan, the Premier of British Columbia, thanked and praised all volunteers at Bodhi Meditation Center for organizing the impressive event. He expressed that this was a golden opportunity for people to explore topics related to health and meditation, to participate in various games and activities, and also to enjoy live music and cultural performances. He wished everyone present at the celebration a joyful and meaningful day.

Talks on “Meditation and Lifeforce Energy” and “Reducing Stress Through Meditation” were aimed at helping guests attain better health.Practitioners shared their powerful, touching testimonials about regaining health and happiness through Bodhi Meditation practices.

Vancouver Center is Bodhi Meditation’s very first international center. It hosts countless meditation classes and charitable events. More than 200 practitioners from all walks of life and of different cultures gather here daily for meditation practices.

Through Grandmaster JinBodhi’s encouragement, many practitioners have committed themselves to charity work such as helping the Canadian Police Association to raise funds for children with cancer, showing love and care for the elderly in nursing homes, and participating in food collection for food banks. On this special day of celebration and giving, many children and young artists from Bodhi Meditation Center contributed their creations to raise funds for VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, Vancouver Coastal Health’s primary philanthropic partner.

Many also contributed to the bazaar sale by donating pre-loved items that still looked brand-new and items that had never been used. Monies from the sale were donated to charitable organizations. Grandmaster JinBodhi participated in the festivities by interpreting divination lots, taking part in food tasting and art viewing, shopping at the bazaar, and watching the talent show. Practitioners around the world were also engaged via live broadcast, with everyone joining in to celebrate healthy living, love, happiness, and compassion.


They thanked the center for many years of giving to the community, offering praise for its sharing of meditation methods and healthful, dynamic living.




Auspicious Energy

In celebration of founder Grandmaster JinBodhi’s 27th anniversary of dharma teaching, Toronto Bodhi Meditation Center held “A Thousand People in Energy Bagua.” More than 10 teachers led the practice at the venue. Several members from Toronto’s city council also participated in this event. They thanked the center for many years of giving to the community, offering praise for its sharing of meditation methods and healthful, dynamic living.

Over the course of an hour of practice, participants experienced surges of great auspicious energy and felt relaxed and soothed. Many shared how Energy Bagua had helped them eradicate pain and illnesses and brought back health and happiness in their lives. Their earnest testimonials gave those seeking better health much faith and hope.

There were many other fantastic elements of the celebration such as the variety of fun games and wide range of tasty delicacies and snacks. The melodious music and graceful dances on stage brought happiness to the audience while the lucky draw brought delightful surprises. Everyone enjoyed the lively atmosphere.

Silicon Valley


An Array of Events

Since the opening of Bai Lian Bodhi Meditation Center in Silicon Valley in 2009, the center has brought health and happiness to thousands of people through the teaching of Energy Bagua, The Meditation of Greater Illumination and

The Meditation of Purity.

To thank Bodhi Meditation for its social contributions and to encourage more people to learn the practices of Bodhi Meditation, the county where the center is located declared August 3rd Bodhi Meditation Day in 2014. Every year on this day, the mayor of Milpitas and county representatives send congratulatory messages and good wishes to Bodhi Meditation.

Bai Lian Bodhi Meditation Center held a grand exhibition in celebration of Bodhi Meditation Day. Participants gathered at the Medicine Buddha Hall to experience The Meditation of Greater Illumination, The Meditation of Purity, The Meditation of Bone Melting, chanting The Six-Syllable Mantra, and walking Energy Bagua, among other practices. The pain that some people felt prior to the group practice was gone afterward, replaced by invigoration.

Vibrant 86-year-old Shou Chong shared his journey of being a sufferer of Parkinson’s disease. Prior to practicing Energy Bagua, he could barely lift his legs; he had to drag his feet when he walked. Three months into Energy Bagua practice, he was able to walk normally. Every day is the beginning of a new life for him. Another practitioner, Shou Shou, used to have diabetes, high blood pressure, and health issues related to blood vessels. She regained good health after she persisted in practicing The Meditation of Greater Illumination.

Attendees also got to taste a wide variety of food from different parts of the world. Szechuan’s hot and spicy edibles, noodles from Northern China, snacks from Vietnam, and flavorful Indian fare — everyone enjoyed a multicultural feast.

Bodhi Meditation Day is a day for practitioners to express their deepest heartfelt gratitude to Grandmaster JinBodhi. It is also a day when people in North America can find out more about Bodhi Meditation’s practices. Everyone who celebrated did so in the spirit of spreading great health and compassion.

Meditation & Health #25 Contents