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Containing Hope


1. A mother camel and her calves had been stranded in the desert for several days. Suffering under the scorching sun, they were thirsty and exhausted. Unless they found water soon death was inevitable.

2. The mother camel showed her calves a container on her back. She told them it held some water, but they could only drink from it as a last resort. Glimpsing hope, the young ones struggled to carry on with their arduous journey.

3. A few hours later, one of the calves pleaded for water. His mother replied sternly that she believed he was still able to endure. She told him that they were not yet at the most difficult stage; he would have to exercise extreme patience and willpower.

4. The trio stopped to rest and the calves fell asleep. When they awoke, their mother was gone. She had left behind the water container and a message written on the sand: “I am unable to go on. Only drink this water when you are out of the desert.”

5. Devastated by their mother’s death but urged on by her sacrifice, the calves were determined to leave the desert. They took turns carrying the container, with no thought of drinking from it.

6. In the midst of their grief, the calves summoned all their determination. Thoughts of their mother’s love filled them with the strength to persevere. They finally walked out of the desert the following day.

7. Overcome by emotion, the calves praised their mother for their survival. Moments later, their thirst seared them stronger than ever, and they opened the water container.

9. To their shock, there was nothing but sand. Not a drop of water was found. The calves began to cry, realizing how their mother had inspired them onward.


Hope is essential to treading the paths of life. It can bring forth boundless strength, tenacious willpower, steadfast confidence, and exceptional courage. Hope spurs the pathfinder to overcome obstacles. Hope is the light toward which we walk when darkness is all around.



Meditation & Health #24 Contents