Meditation & Health #24 Contents


Challenges: stress, gastric ulcer, overweight, work demands


Success Not Stress


By Lin Xiang, United States

Translation by Guang Xiao

My outlook on work has changed.

I am no longer troubled by demanding responsibilities and tasks.

I work in an international bank as a senior management executive. My typical workday consists of providing leadership in important meetings, problem-solving, and decision-making. Some admire my influential position, but for a long time I felt anything but blessed in having to confront challenging issues every day. Going on vacation was my only way of de-stressing.

A Host of Worries

Gastric ulcers run in my family. My father underwent a gastrectomy. As I suffered gastric ulcers as well, I was anxious to avoid a similar fate. I was very careful about my diet and would bring food with me all the time.I ensured that I ate regularly, no matter how busy I was. I had tried various methods of treating gastric ulcers. Not only did the problem persist, there were many side effects of the treatments, including weakness and fatigue.

I first came to Bodhi Meditation in May 2015 to learn Energy Bagua. I sweated profusely during the first class, more than I had in years. The following month, I attended the 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat. During the retreat I only drank water or fruit juice, and ate only a small amount of vegetables, yet I did not feel hungry. Thereafter, I participated in several meditation retreats, with such occurrences of spontaneous fasting happening four times.

My gastric pain did not flare up despite the fact that I did not ingest solid food for many days. Even drinking cold beverages on chilly days no longer posed a problem. After four months of meditation, my weight dropped from 153 pounds (69 kilograms) to 138 pounds(62 kilograms). My wish to lose weight was finally fulfilled.

I used to fear that rapid weight loss would be detrimental to health. But I realized that Bodhi Meditation’s methods caused no discomfort. Rather, the practices greatly boosted my energy level and overall sense of wellbeing.

Handling Demanding Problems

When I returned to work after the retreat,I experienced no fatigue when I worked long hours. Once, I was busy at work from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and only consumed water, but my mood was immensely happy. I completed a week’s worth of tasks on that single day, settling the issues that had arisen while I was away at the retreat. It was a wonderful feeling.

My outlook on work has changed. I am no longer troubled by demanding responsibilities and tasks. When faced with an issue, I first envision myself as an observer. By dissociating myself from the situation, I can look at it more objectively, thereby solving the problem with ease. Meditation has shown me a wiser way to live and work.

To have encountered Bodhi Meditation is a great blessing. I am healthier, my work performance has improved, and I’ve achieved my ideal weight. Being a vegetarian and practicing meditation daily keep my energy levels high. My inner state is reflected in my outer world — recently, I was promoted at work.


The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.


Meditation & Health #24 Contents