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Challenges: migraine, insomnia, dark under-eye circles


No More Migraines


By Ai Bai, Malaysia

Translation by Dan Yi


Starting in 2007, I was a migraine sufferer. The condition worsened with each passing year. My medicine dosage increased over time. I took up to four pills a day but the agony persisted. I could not get to sleep and had to while away time by watching TV all night.

Unable to Work

At least four times a month I battled a migraine. At its worst, the intense pain caused vomiting and diarrhea.

I felt nauseous whenever I smelled food at the restaurant where I worked, and most of the time I did not have much of an appetite. Over time, the pain affected my mobility and eventually I couldn’t work.

During these debilitating migraine episodes, quality sleep eluded me. The slightest noise would wake me up, and hence I could not sleep for more than four hours a night. After suffering three years of insomnia, my skin started yellowing. I looked pale and had extremely dark circles under my eyes.

The Meditation of Greater Illumination

A stroke of good fortune came when a friend introduced me to Cheras Bodhi Meditation Center. I participated in the 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat in September 2014. During The Meditation of Greater Illumination practice, I felt tremendous heat as if my body were ablaze. When a migraine attack surfaced, I would do the meditation practice. One of the steps of the practice’s closing exercises involves using my hands to comb through my hair. I realized the pain eased off after performing this action. At the end of the retreat I no longer needed to take migraine medication.

I started my 108-Day Meditation of Greater Illumination regime. In less than three months, my effort paid off in the form of complete recovery from migraine and insomnia. Now I sleep through the nights and look refreshed. I’m full of vitality and energy. The dark circles under my eyes are getting lighter.

Having trod the path of illness, I understand how valuable good health and happiness are. Migraine and insomnia used to take a toll, robbing me of quality of life. Now I take charge of my health by committing to three hours of daily practice. As a volunteer at the center,I share with people that meditation is truly an excellent way to attain good health and lasting peace.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.



Meditation & Health #24 Contents