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Health Highlights of Full Prostration


Excerpted From Prostrate to a Beautiful Life
by Grandmaster JinBodhi
Translation by Sng Shu Fen

Full prostration is a simple practice that helps with weight loss, increases fitness level, and also enhances organ function. There is no restriction as to where you can do this easy-to-learn and simple-to-practice exercise. With a yoga mat, you can prostrate at home or outdoors.


1 Reduce Belly Fat

Many men and women of all ages carry excess belly fat. Women who’ve given birth often struggle to lose baby weight from their abdomen and firm their dimpled skin. Practice full prostration for 30 minutes every morning to tone a flabby abdomen. To maximize the weight-loss effect, commit to practicing in the mornings and evenings.

2 Relieve Constipation

Regular prostration invigorates the internal organs, and revives sluggish digestive and excretory systems. It can ease constipation and reduce the need for laxatives.

3 Unblock Meridian Channels

This workout helps to open the body’s meridians and restore optimal energy flow. Good circulation can increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, which in turn boosts energy, uplifts mood, and improves strength and stamina.

4 Boost Immune System

Low immunity, a common health concern nowadays, includes a foggy mind and a weak body. It is a state of suboptimal health in which one feels fatigued, restless and frail, yet a medical checkup is unable to reveal any root cause. Consistently practicing full prostration will help improve immunity, resulting in greater resistance to diseases.

5 Keep Allergies at Bay

Livestock are often reared on food containing hormones. Vegetables, fruits and grains are sprayed with pesticides. As we eat the food, we are simultaneously taking in these hormones and pesticides. This is one of the causes of the increasing number of people who suffer from allergies. Full prostration is a good way to cleanse the body. By opening the body’s meridians, it helps to expel toxic substances and thereby quell allergies.

6 Heart & Brain Power

The repeated sequence of kneeling, lying facedown, bowing, and rising replenishes the oxygen supply to the heart and brain. This replenishment can help those who experience slight dizziness when they stand up suddenly from a sitting position. When the heart and brain get enough nutrients, oxygen and blood supply, you are less likely to experience dizziness.

7 Develop Self-Awareness

This simple repetitive exercise of continual movements calms the body and mind and brings you to a pure state. A calm mind is conducive to enhanced self-awareness, and self-awareness opens the gateway to heightened wisdom. It also eliminates distracting thoughts. Practice full prostration daily for at least 20 minutes to develop a broader perspective of self and life.


Beginners who rarely exercise may experience slight abdominal pain on the second day of practice. However, this muscle ache means the exercise is taking effect, and can indicate positive changes related to organs in the tender area. Seven days of practice, an hour a day, are typically required for the effectiveness of prostration to begin to show. A hundred days later, there will be significant changes to your body shape and weight.


Meditation & Health #24 Contents