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Three Steps to Weight Loss


A Teaching by Grandmaster JinBodhi


Compilation by Sng Shu Fen

Increasing numbers of people worldwide make repeated attempts to shed excess pounds. Weight loss does not come easily, and those who do curtail their weight often regain the lost pounds very quickly. Some even suffer from health issues in the process of trying to slim down. Answering the call of practitioners who wish to achieve a healthy physique, Grandmaster JinBodhi gets back to basics with three simple steps to weight loss that will help get you fit and vibrant.

Step 1: Use a Small Bowl, Chew Slowly

Use a small bowl to control your portion size when dining. Chew each mouthful slowly and thoroughly. When you eat unhurriedly, your body has time to signal that it has reached satiety and so you are less likely to overeat.

A diet that promotes weight loss is a diet of balance. Refrain from going to extremes. Vegetables are essential and nutrient-rich, but a diet of only vegetables is detrimental. Consume fiber-rich carbohydrates such as brown rice for energy, but don’t overdose on starchy foods. Eat adequate protein for muscle repair and strength. Minimize your intake of sugar in all its forms, as well as all types of processed food.

Step 2: Drink Right, Stay Hydrated

Drink a cup of water upon waking and about 10 minutes before each meal. Drinking a cup of room-temperature water helps to promote efficient metabolism. People with severe constipation should add a little salt to the water.

Boiling one’s drinking water can be beneficial for health. However, do not mix hot boiled water with cold tap water to get lukewarm drinking water as this may cause bone pain or even menstrual pain. Always mix hot water with cool boiled water to get lukewarm water for consumption.

Staying sufficiently hydrated is essential; however, don’t overdo it. Consuming too much fluid can burden the kidneys which could lead to water retention.

Step 3: Get Moving, Keep Fit

Energy Bagua

Energy Bagua allows us to replenish vital energy and strengthen our immunity. It is an effective practice for balancing body, mind and spirit, as well as helping with weight loss. In this issue of Meditation & Health, there are a few testimonials featuring the achievement of an ideal weight through practicing Energy Bagua.

Both Vigorous and Gentle Exercise

Engage in 20 minutes of exercise daily. Yoga, jumping rope, jogging, brisk walking, dancing, and tai chi are all good choices. Enjoy the feeling of perspiring. Your body releases toxins when it sweats.

Full Prostration

Full prostration is an exercise that builds your musculoskeletal system, while at the same time promoting the proper functioning of otherwise sluggish digestive and excretory systems. During practice, the body burns fat, and removes toxins and impurities.

Meditation practices are very effective at promoting weight loss. They increase self-awareness, which can lead to better food choices. Numerous practitioners of Bodhi Meditation have shed weight through a daily meditation regime.

Being disciplined about making simple changes to your daily routine can have a dramatic impact on your health and fitness. Weight loss doesn’t have to be a daunting challenge. Three easy steps can move you along the path of a fitter physique.


Meditation & Health #24 Contents