Meditation & Health #24 Contents


The Divine Power of Light and Color


Compilation by Ning Qi Yuan


Light Is All Around

Everything in this world radiates energy (or qi), which is akin to emitting light: From things in Nature, such as mountains, water, stones and trees, to inanimate objects such as furniture, teacups, bowls and plates, to human bodies, energetic forces abound. Some people may not understand as we usually are unable to see this phenomenon.

In fact, light is all around us. Light radiates off mountains, but very often it is not easy to see the light or it is overlooked. I have scaled many mountains and observed that each one has a different form and qi. Some mountains possess a particularly good form and qi, and emit very powerful energy. Sometimes the naked eye can see a halo of light and color around a mountain, perhaps evoking an image of a dragon in flight. Such a mountain has a majestic qi that is different from its surrounding environment.

Different halos of light and qi are given off by houses and the people who live in them regardless of the quality of the houses. Each house has its own radiance and qi. Similarly, the energies given out by different people with different destinies are unique. When light radiated by a house or person feels comfortable to others, it signifies a noble bearing. Such a person usually has talents, good luck, and may make a fortune. If the light looks similar to water twinkling in the sun, it may indicate success in academics. The children in such a house may have superb intelligence and achieve excellent grades.

When we look at people, we look at their qi and radiance. When we look at Nature, at houses, mountains and trees, we can see there are connections.

In the past, fortunetellers usually described a person of good fortune in terms of colored light. For example, a healthy and hearty person may emanate golden brilliance. A person emanating such light may soon strike a fortune or enjoy a smooth-sailing career path.

Yellow Nobility

If there were no sunshine in the world, there would be no people, and everything else would cease to exist. Yellow symbolizes the sun and represents powerful life-giving energy and nobility.

In traditional Chinese culture, it is believed that yellow represents honor. In Ancient China, bright yellow clothes were not to be casually worn by the commoners. Only the royals and people who were bestowed blessings by the emperor could wear yellow. Thus, wearing yellow clothing was considered especially auspicious and honorable.

Righteous Red Light

Red is commonly used during Chinese New Year celebrations and weddings, with red couplets pasted on both sides of doors. The Chinese regard red as a lucky color. This may have come about from observing the sun. The sun, especially in the mornings and evenings, has a red hue, while at other times the light is yellow. According to the Chinese yin-yang philosophy, red and yellow lights are positive energy or yang and signify warmth.

A red aura surrounding a person’s physical body or living environment is an indication that a noble person is soon to appear. Bao Gong, the greatest judge of the Song dynasty, was an honorable person. It is said that on the night he was born, a passerby saw a raging fire burning in the house of Bao Gong’s parents. He grabbed a bucket of water and rushed to extinguish the fire. However, when he reached the house, he saw no flames. He could only sense a form of light that could not be described in words. Soon, he heard a baby’s cries coming from within the house. People who were knowledgeable about radiance, qi, color, and destiny knew that this child was to become a remarkable person. Indeed, Bao Gong realized countless noble accomplishments that benefited the country and the people.

Imagine your body is a gigantic lamp, and you can radiate vibrant rays of compassion and energy to illuminate the world. You emit infinite light to bring happiness

Blue Cosmic Energy

Blue symbolizes purity and infinity. It is the color of the Universe and a source of boundless Divine energy and inspiration.

The center of a flame is blue. Its second layer is red followed by yellow. Hence, blue has extremely strong energy. Medicine Buddha, the core buddha of Bodhi Meditation, is known as Medicine Buddha Lapis Lazuli Radiance Tathagata and depicted as blue in color. When energy and wisdom are lacking in our work and life, we can seek blessings and inspiration from Medicine Buddha to restore our astuteness, so as to achieve success.

Green Compassion

The color green is representative of Nature’s greenery and thus exudes life and vitality.

In images of buddhas and bodhisattvas, thereare often green halos of light radiating from above their heads or from their backs. Green light in Buddhism usually represents purity and the compassion to help all sentient beings. Green light also represents the energy of restoration and regenerative power.

There is a portrait of Arhat Abheda in which he holds a stupa, with blue light radiating from his back and a green halo of light above his head. Bodhisattva Tara is often seen in green, emitting sacredness and compassionate energy.

White Peace

White is usually associated with peace, purity, gentleness, light, and Universal love. In Buddhism, we have Guanyin Bodhisattva, who is generally portrayed as a woman in a flowing white robe.In the Catholic faith, there is the Virgin Mary, who is also dressed in a white gown. Both represent Universal love, purity and holiness.

If a person emits obvious white light, it generally means good health, youthfulness, warmth and strong energy.

Infinite Illumination

Most of the practices at Bodhi Meditation are related to illumination. Among them, the key practice is The Meditation of Greater Illumination. If we understand the use of illumination in meditation, we can make others and ourselves live healthier,happier and wiser lives.

Imagine your body is a gigantic lamp, and you can radiate vibrant rays of compassion and energy to illuminate the world. You emit infinite light to bring happiness to self and others. Both you and others become healthier and gain wisdom. When others do likewise, the world will be blessed and people will experience less poverty, disease, hunger, and violence.

Everyone can learn these meditation practices and become compassionate. Through diligent daily practice, we can become more magnanimous, tolerant, inclusive, and loving. With greater compassion in the world, life will be more beautiful.


Meditation & Health #24 Contents