Meditation & Health #24 Contents

Challenges: overweight, stress, shyness


Happy Inside, Slimmer Outside

By Ellis, Indonesia


In 2015 my family moved to the city of Jakarta, in Indonesia, and my life became very stressful. I binged on junk food and relied on my favorite fried rice to reduce my stress. My weight rose from 68 to 76 kilograms, reflecting my eating habits and lack of exercise. Whenever I came upon a beautiful outfit I wanted to buy, it wasn’t available in my size. Not only was this frustrating, it eroded my self-confidence.

Transformation Begins

My mother’s friend told me many people had experienced weight loss through attending meditation practices at Bodhi Meditation. Hopeful, I signed up for the 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat in January 2017.

On the first day of the retreat I prayed toGrandmaster JinBodhi for his blessing, excited that with his help I might succeed in losing my excess weight. On the third day I began spontaneous fasting, and felt energetic and comfortable despite consuming very little food or water. From the fifth day onward, my weight dropped from 76 to 69 kilograms. I felt freer, more relaxed, and imbued with a sense of great confidence.

Ever since the retreat ended, I’ve attended group practices at the center regularly.

I experience less anxiety and no longer rely on food to reduce my stress. I can now eat my favorite foods mindfully and easily stop eating when I feel full. My weight has been maintained at 71 kilograms for more than a year now. I am living in greater health and happiness.

Sharing Good Cheer

I was a reserved, shy person and struggled to express myself. Through meditation practices, I’ve blossomed into a more expressive, confident person who wants to share my good cheer with others.

In one of Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teachings, he shared that we must learn to communicate well with people to achieve success, be it at the workplace or in the family. His words inspired me to open up to others.

As a volunteer at the meditation center, I distribute Meditation & Health magazine. Sharing with others the contents of the publication and the courses offered by Bodhi Meditation has helped me to tap into a wellspring of compassion and to connect with people from all walks of life. My communication skills have improved greatly. Bodhi Meditation has truly transformed me.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.


Meditation & Health #24 Contents