Meditation & Health #23 Contents

Healthy Once More

Challenges: diabetes, high blood pressure

By Mei Mei Feng, Myanmar

Translation by Qi Tao


In the past, I would feel sleepy after a meal and would wake up tired after a nap. Now I only need to lie down for 10 minutes

Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes after suffering frequent thirst and lethargy. My blood-sugar level was at a high of 200 mg/dL. Daily medication became a part of my life. Despite the meds, my lowest blood-sugar level recorded was still high at 150 mg/dL.

Health Hurdles

One day in 2007, my face and head suddenly felt very itchy, like a million ants were crawling on me. Frightened, I visited a doctor and was diagnosed with high blood pressure. For the next 10 years, my systolic blood pressure remained high between 160 mmHg and 180 mmHg. (Editor’s note: Normal blood pressure in adults over 60 years old is a reading below 140 mmHg.)

Among my favorite dishes are those high in salt content such as pickled vegetables and fermented Chinese tofu. Upon reflection, I came to believe that this diet could be the cause of my high blood pressure. I began to pay closer attention to my eating habits.

Good News From Doctor

My friend introduced me to Yangon JinBodhi Meditation Center in August 2017 and shared the many health benefits of practicing The Meditation of Greater Illumination. That same month, I decided to participate in the 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat.

Early on in the retreat, I felt very tired. However, on the fifth day, my whole body felt particularly relaxed and I was consumed by a deep happiness. It had been many years since I’d felt so carefree and at ease.

After class that evening, I was inspired to have my blood sugar measured at the hospital. Initially, the doctor refused, saying that my blood-sugar level could not have changed in the few days since my last checkup. At my insistence, he measured my blood sugar and then, with shock in his voice, told me that the level was down to 112 mg/dL, which is within the normal range.

I was happy beyond words. After that he took my blood pressure. It had dropped, and my systolic blood pressure was down to 150 mmHg.

My blood-sugar level has since remained stable at about 110 mg/dL. No longer do I feel thirsty and fatigued. In the past, I would feel sleepy after a meal and would wake up tired after a nap. Now I only need to lie down for 10 minutes to feel refreshed and energetic.

Since then I have participated in three more retreats and the Energy Bagua foundation class. My complexion has become smoother and more radiant. My daughter remarked how beautiful and healthy I’ve become.

Family and Friends

I am getting healthier by the day. I’ve shared the benefits of Bodhi Meditation with my family and friends. My brother and sister-in-law joined the 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat.

Over time, more of my family members have participated in the classes at Bodhi Meditation. Nowadays, we can be seen at one of the four Energy Bagua practice sites in Yangon. I look forward to seeing more people joining us at Yangon JinBodhi Meditation Center — a place that brings good health and happiness to everyone.


The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.

Meditation & Health #23 Contents