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Meditation & Health #23 Contents

The Smiling Ambassador

Challenges: high blood pressure,

high blood lipids, gout, watering eyes


The Smiling



At the age of 60 I retired from a job at a shipyard. As I was still healthy, I decided to become a taxi driver. Over the next nine years I continued to work hard. Due to stress on my body, I found my health deteriorating. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high blood lipids. I was weak and lacking in energy, even after adequate sleep. Physical tasks became too much for me.

Daily Dose of Meds

Istarted a new job in 2013 and often drank alcohol with my clients. As a result, I suffered from gout. Every time the knee pain flared up, I would walk with a limp. When the pain was unbearable, I would apply medicated plasters and visit the doctor for painkilling injections. From that period onward, I had to consume a bag of medications, which included antihypertensive drugs, hypolipidemic drugs, gout treatment, and others.

As my health deteriorated, I lost all interest in my favorite pastimes — calligraphy, drawing and poetry — and the ability to enjoy them.

Indelible Impression

At the end of 2013, through a friend, I attended a Medicine Buddha Blessing Event organized by Busan Haeundae Bodhi Meditation Center.

I was chanting Medicine Buddha Mantra with everyone when I began to feel a very strong surge of energy flowing through my body. As

I continued to chant, I felt a deep sense of peace. This chanting experience made an indelible impression on me.

Refreshed and Renewed

In May 2014 I attended the 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat, where I learned the benefits of practicing full prostration. I committed to daily practice and three months later, to my great surprise, the various health indicators showed vast improvements.

My blood pressure decreased from

140 mmHg to 118 mmHg, and blood lipids from 192 mg/dL to 108 mg/dL. (Editor’s note: The normal range of blood lipids is from 35 mg/dL to 165 mg/dL.) Given that my readings were within the normal range, and that the pain from gout had eased, my doctor reduced my medications by a third.

Another condition that used to trouble me was watering of the eyes. Whenever there was a breeze, I would experience excessive tearing. My doctor was unable to help. Relief arrived when I started walking Energy Bagua in May 2016. Three months later, watery eyes no longer bothered me. This positive change strengthened my confidence in Energy Bagua.

Now I practice Energy Bagua daily without fail. The more I walk, the more my body is relaxed and the pain in my knees resolved. I feel alert and full of energy.

Newfound Energy

Practicing meditation makes my complexion smooth and radiant. People often assume that

I am years younger than my age. Most are shocked to learn that I’m in my 70s.

Not only has meditation given me great health, it also infuses me with a sense of peace and tranquility. I’m more inspired than ever before and I’m pouring newfound energy into calligraphy, drawing and writing. Recently, I penned a poem titled “Dream.” I wrote about my experience of Bodhi Meditation: In short, it’s about the feelings of one who was surrounded by darkness but stepped into the light.

I have regained my health, and my happiness shines through my smiles. At Bodhi Meditation Center I’ve been affectionately dubbed “The Smiling Ambassador.” May everyone also beam smiles of good health through the wonder that is Bodhi Meditation.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.


By Ai Shi, Busan

Translation by Sng Shu Fen


Now I practice Energy Bagua daily without fail.

The more I walk, the more my body is relaxed and the pain in my knees resolved.


Meditation & Health #23 Contents