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Touring North America With Master

Compilation by Sng Shu Fen


Grandmaster JinBodhi returned to North America in 2017 and 2018 to conduct an exchange with practitioners from the United States, Canada and other countries about meditation experiences, and explore the topic of spiritual ascension.



Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Mid-Autumn Festival Live Chat

Vancouver was the first stop on Grandmaster JinBodhi’s tour of North America. As the annual Mid-Autumn Festival approached, many gathered at Vancouver Bodhi Meditation Center to participate in the festivities. Dancing, singing, comedy sketches, and musical performances brought joy and excitement to all in attendance.

Grandmaster JinBodhi conducted “The Fragrance of Mid-Autumn Tea” live streaming to answer questions about meditation and shed light on life’s challenges. The audience raised questions about their experiences during meditation: for example, which meditation method was better to help frozen knees, and queries about the purpose behind placing the tip of the tongue on the roof of the mouth and gripping the ground with one’s toes during Energy Bagua. Grandmaster JinBodhi shared his wealth of experience from many years of meditation practices, giving everyone references and pointers.

There were many people who raised issues relating to health, family, career, and emotions. Problems as varied as career frustrations, alcoholism, and Internet addiction were tackled by Master, who addressed questioners with simple down-to-earth advice and an attitude of hope and encouragement.

As the live broadcast drew to a close, Master urged his audience to consciously create happiness by showing greater empathy for others, offering praise often, and giving generously and unconditionally. What you receive in return are happiness and fulfilment.

Surprise Visit to Vancouver Center

On November 12, Grandmaster JinBodhi made an unexpected visit to Vancouver Bodhi Meditation Center to chat with practitioners about any issues of interest or concern to them.

He touched on matters ranging from weight loss to romance to finances. A young man sought Master’s help with how to mend his

heart and relationship after suffering a breakup with his girlfriend. Master emphasized to him the importance of self-reflection, and of cherishing one’s partner and regularly expressing gratitude for them. He urged him to re-approach his girlfriend with total sincerity and gentleness.

Another man approached Master to express his confusion as to why he was never able to make much money. Master shared that success lies in persistence. Instead of hopping from job to job, one should focus on the steady development of skills.

Traveling With Master

Master shared his travels with practitioners around the world through the Internet. He seized every opportunity to encourage people to feel the world through meditation.

At the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Master led everyone on an illuminating trek through history, exploring everything from the ancient animals and precious jewels to solemn Buddha statues. The whole process gave the sense of having a bird’s-eye view of the world.

On the way to San Francisco, Master sat in a high-tech autonomous vehicle and shared this incredible advanced technology with everyone on the Internet. During the journey, he shared the scenery of San Francisco and thoughts about technology, diet, and cultural practices with his online audience and also answered questions from netizens.

Being able to travel along with Master as he spontaneously shared his perspective on life and the world was a treat for the audience. Viewers felt as if they were by his side, enjoying the scenery while receiving practical guidance, emotional nourishment, and spiritual enlightenment.

Root Causes of Troubles

Grandmaster JinBodhi led the Advanced Meditation Retreats at Toronto Bodhi Meditation Center and then Bai Lian Bodhi Meditation Center in Milpitas, California.

In Toronto, Master put forth a question: Where do the troubles of life really come from, and how can they be solved? During the ensuing discussion, Master pointed out the root causes of troubles: greed, jealousy, ignorance, and suspicion. Master concluded that these root causes arise from arrogance and a lack of compassion. When people overly focus on their own gains and losses and feelings, they easily lose themselves and as a result develop various kinds of physical and mental illnesses, even to the extent of bringing harm to others.

In order to help people clean up their physical and mental waste and gain health in body and mind, Master hoped that practitioners would concentrate on practicing The Meditation of Greater Illumination, which can quickly allow one to have a clearer mind.

“The purpose of practicing The Meditation of Greater Illumination,” Master said, “is to illuminate our spiritual world, to get rid of the darkness and ignorance in our hearts, and to cultivate compassion. When a person’s heart fills with compassion, it is as if a lamp is lit in his heart which can illuminate both himself and others. The light shines forth, and the world brims with good fortune.”

True compassion takes the form of action. It is not difficult to implement, as Master reminded the retreat participants. Compassion can be applied by everyone to all aspects of life. Compassion begins with sincere self-reflection, which then translates into positive action in the wider world. Tolerance is compassion. Benevolence is compassion. Forgiveness is compassion. Doing one’s best to fulfil one’s responsibilities is compassion.

Wrapping Up the Tour

To all the Bodhi Meditation practitioners around the world, Grandmaster JinBodhi’s tour was enriching and illuminating. They had the opportunity to communicate with Master face to face while he tirelessly visited the cities of North America. His heart-to-heart exchanges on the Internet with netizens were meaningful to everyone involved — including Master himself, who takes great joy in helping as many people as possible. Bringing meditation wisdom and deep compassion to sentient beings everywhere is always his prime mission.

In a multitude of ways, Grandmaster JinBodhi’s North America tour was a celebration of his 30 years of offering dharma teachings and helping people solve life’s riddles. Bodhi Meditation practices have become increasingly known and loved all around the globe, and have brought physical and mental health to millions. Decades into his mission, Master continues to reach out his hand of compassion every single day.


Meditation & Health #23 Contents