Meditation & Health #23 Contents

Checking the Time the Smart Way

By Xi Yu & Qing Cha


With the latest technology, smart functionality in a wall clock is setting a new standard of timekeeping. Instead of fumbling in a bag to pull out a smartphone, you may wish to consult a smart wall clock, which presents notifications at a glance. Your messages will never go unnoticed again. This new technology could be a good reason to give your phone a rest.


It’s Cool to Glance

The Coolest Clock is a new wall clock that displays a variety of personalized clock faces and up-to-the-minute live information. Users can log in to their smartphone app to choose the information to be displayed on the clock face: Facebook status, tweets from friends, breaking news from favorite channels, weather, latest photos, etc. When the user is driving and their smartphone is paired with the clock, this gadget can show the user’s position “live” on the clock’s face, allowing them to remain connected with their loved ones while on the move.

Another innovation, Glance Clock, is a friendly, helpful and smart high-tech digital wall clock. It connects important information from your wearables, smart home devices, and web services. Equipped with a bright full-color LED display and a high-quality speaker, Glance Clock provides user-chosen information such as daily appointments and emails, traffic conditions, weather report, and even fitness goals on its special glanceable interface. This means you can get important information in the blink of an eye, simplifying the way you get updates.

For those concerned about keeping their data confidential, these smart wall clocks present a challenge: Whether you hang the clock on a wall at home or in the office, everyone gets to glance at every bit of your schedule, social media statuses, and even your health indexes.

There are always pros and cons to smart technology. Smart wall clocks can be a good alternative to phones. Perhaps in future, a privacy feature will be added. For now, they offer interesting conveniences without the sleep-disturbing tick-tock of old-school clocks.


Meditation & Health #23 Contents