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Taking to the Open Road

By Jacqueline Sam


For many people, a holiday in which they have the freedom and mobility to enjoy plenty of sights, a variety of environments, a plethora of adventures, and a mix of people is ideal. For some, packing up the car with a tent and camping supplies and taking to the open road is a great way to get back to Nature and experience liberation from the stressful trappings of day-to-day life. Dedicated road-trippers may dream of adding a little luxury to their travels in the form of a campervan or motorhome.

Innovations in RV Travel

Recreational vehicles (RVs) used to be large and obtrusive but have become compact home-away-from-homes that are small and streamlined enough to go where the traveler wants, be it a lakeside spot, nestled in the woods, or some other place off the beaten trail.

In the past RVs offered little diversity in terms of floorplan. Now, different sizes, new technologies, and a wealth of attractive options and add-ons are available to the comfort-seeking road-tripping shopper.

Layouts are unique and varied, with kitchen islands, pop-out benches, exterior cooking spaces, and other functional innovations providing comfort. Technology is taking modern camping to new levels of luxury, making it simple to have central control systems and apps automate RV elements such as lighting, heating, air conditioning, the entertainment system, and awnings. The new wind-sensor option means awnings will tuck themselves away when gusts come up. Finally, advances in solar and generator technologies offer environmentally conscious travelers more sustainable ways of generating power.

Taking to the open road is now more broadly accessible. The fact that an increasing number of people work remotely is making it possible for more adventurers to put their life in travel mode for longer than just a holiday. Not merely a romantic notion, longer-term road-tripping can be a practical reality, and with the latest innovations in RV travel, it is more appealing and exciting than ever before.


Meditation & Health #23 Contents