Meditation & Health No 2 - Table of Contents


          A Simple But Effective Way of Losing Weight

          Excerpted from Prostration for Better Living

          Prostration is easy to learn.  It can be practiced anywhere – in the comfort of home or in a refreshing outdoor setting.  Begin with fewer repetitions, gradually increasing as progress is made.

          By aligning the body, heart and mind, and connecting with a higher consciousness, it becomes possible to quickly lose weight, improve vision, build stamina, restore health, cultivate wisdom, develop smoother skin and spirited eyes, and be graced with charisma and a brilliant smile.

          Stand naturally and be at ease, feet about 2 inches apart. Eyes may remain open or be lightly closed.
          Bring palms together in prayer position, but keep a slight space between them. Stretch both arms out to the sides in a smooth, flowing motion, gradually bringing hands together in prayer position overhead. Head remains still.



          Slowly move hands down, index fingers gently touching the forehead, chin, and chest. Kneel, keeping the pace slow.

          Slide hands forward until the entire body is touching the floor, lying flat.

          Turn palms upward. Gently knock the forehead on the floor three times, keep body and elbows on the floor.

          Still facedown, raise both hands above and behind the head, bringing fingertips together. Once again extend arms in front, palms on the floor.Push up to a standing position.Bring hands together in prayer position at the chest.

          Practicing prostration does not require straining or force.  Instead, do it gently and comfortably, with total ease.  Do not aim for speed, or immediately strive for a high number of repetitions.  Adjust daily goals according to physical condition.  A mentality of gratitude is vital.  At the close of practice, bow with palms in prayer position, respectfully expressing thanks.  Both body and mind are relaxed and joyful.  Rub hands together, massage the face, and move the body all over.



Meditation & Health No 2 - Table of Contents